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Personal & Professional Healing Coach

Person Centred & Emotion Focused Psychotherapist

Master Firewalk Instructor & Transformational Teacher

Supporting Positive Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Change

ay Capaldi

An Invitation To Transform

Unlocking Potential & Empowering Success

What would you change within yourself or your life if offered
that window of opportunity?

How would your vision look if you knew that
you couldn’t fail?

What if your potential really is boundless?

An inspirational leader in supporting personal and professional growth by tapping into the unlimited human potential, offering profound understanding of what is required to facilitate deep and lasting change.

Empowering positive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development for individuals and organisations utilising mindfulness and compassion based approaches.


Healing With Spiritual Light Ceremony & Firewalk ~ Sat 22nd Nov ‘14

A time of deep connection with the earth, the ancestors and the transformation that fire brings as we approach the winter months.  This is an opportunity to transform by shining light into those places that need it right now…                         

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Monthly Meditation, Healing & Spiritual Development Group

Creating a sense of community and sharing valuable tools to support your process.
From shamanic journeying to mantra, movement to stillness we will explore various techniques that facilitate healing and transformation…

Offering tools to heal the past, grounding to live in the present and focus for energising future goals and aspirations.

Igniting metamorphosis with one of the oldest transformational tools the world has ever known.  

Offering a warm welcome and companion on your well-being journey supporting your personal and professional growth.


Emotion Focused Psychotherapy

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Person Centred Counselling

Usui Reiki    Shamanism

Intuitive Healing    Theta Healing

Firewalking    Munay-Ki

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