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Personal & Professional Healing Coach

Person Centred & Emotion Focused Psychotherapist

Master Firewalk Instructor & Transformational Teacher

Supporting Positive Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Change

ay Capaldi

Over the years I have trained in various Japanese energy healing techniques, skilled in the art of Zen Shiatsu, Seiki Soho, Usui Reiki and Waraku, having trained originally with the Glasgow School of Shiatsu and thereafter with Japanese Masters Akinobu Kishi Sensei (founder of Seiki Soho, a minimalist Zen-like form of body work meaning space, harmony, life energy and movement) and Hiramasa Maeda Sensei (founder of Waraku, a discipline based on the Japanese tradition of Budo, a practise that uses the body as a means to come nearer to God, to the universe or whatever constitutes an ideal for a person).  

A qualified counsellor, I have completed training to Post-graduate Diploma level in Person-centred Counselling which is accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.  Having worked for over ten years both in private practise and in a community based stress centre setting I acquired in-depth experience of working with issues such as trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, physical, sexual & psychological abuse, addictions, bereavement, various mental, emotional & physical health conditions, anger, stress & anxiety management, self-worth, self-confidence & body issues.  At present I am undertaking a part-time MSc research degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy at Strathclyde University, the subject of my current research being ‘Client and Observer Perspectives on the Self-relationship in Emotion-Focused Therapy for Social Anxiety’.

Trained under the guidance of spiritual teacher Peggy Dylan, pioneer in motivational and leadership training, I graduated from the Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education and The International Firewalking School, continuing my learning as part of the Sundoor Masters Programme.  I am an experienced Master Firewalk Instructor, teacher and transformational workshop facilitator using my depth of knowledge and experience to facilitate and guide healing, transformation & self empowerment for individuals, groups and organisations.  I am a qualified Holistic and Shamanic Practitioner, Stress Manager and Advanced DNA Theta Healer running regular personal development workshops and retreats.  I am a teaching assistant with the Glasgow School of Shiatsu and have taught holistic therapies at a local college.  

A sensitive and empathic heart-centred practitioner gifted with the knowledge, intuition and wisdom of the old ways of health and healing receiving inspiration, teachings and initiations from Japanese Ki culture, Peruvian Shamanic practises and Tibetan Buddhism.  I have been initiated in the Nine Rites of the Munay Ki and have personal experience in supporting the (sometimes not so gentle) awakening of Kundalini Shakti.  

Prior to becoming actively involved in personal development and energy healing I spent over ten years working in the corporate financial management sector which gave me valuable experience in corporate and business management which supports me in weaving my eclectic mix of skills into an accessible form for the corporate and business market.

Currently based in the Bothwell area of Glasgow where I have a therapy clinic and group work space, I am available for work throughout the UK and abroad, working in association with a network of qualified alternative health and well-being practitioners.

I look forward to journeying with you.



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From a very young age, I have been driven by a deep and persistent desire to experience freedom; freedom from anything that limits me within myself and my life so that I can fulfil my potential, experience my authentic self and live the life that I choose, not the self and the life that was conditioned into my psyche.  

One of my earliest memories is me as a young child standing in my home looking around and thinking to myself ‘is this really it?’ and concluding to myself ’there must be more to life than this!’  This thought has been the driving force that has underpinned my journey which has taken me into the depths of myself uncovering many insights, teachings and gifts along the path.

Being gifted with awareness, an inner knowing that surfaces each limitation and block within myself and my life, and an unshakable belief that I can move beyond these limits and grow, becoming more of my authentic self, life continues to guide me towards those experiences that help me release the past and teachers who can help me grow and step more fully into my being, fostering a deeper connection with my true self.  

As I journey closer to my authentic self, I have come to recognise that this self has been there all along lying patiently beneath the conditioned emotions and beliefs that have so limited me.  I realise that these conditioned emotions and beliefs can be likened to the clouds, the wind, the rain and storms where behind lies the radiant blue sky, glowing and vibrant all along.  I recognise that we can journey through life being blown by the wind this way and that, led by whatever life happens to throw our way, unconsciously acting out our dramas from the past or we can opt to move through life grounded and present within self, actively choosing our path, authentically listening to and acting upon the desires of our heart.  

This journey brings better understanding of what it means to be free guiding me to follow my heart and live my life consciously from an authentic sense of self, taking full responsibility for my life and co-creating it as I so desire, rather than being blown like a feather in the wind.  So yes, I have come to realise that ‘this really is it!’ and have discovered just how wonderful and beautiful ‘it’ can be!

My desire now is to share this gift with help you on your path towards freedom, to release the past, to move beyond your limits, to connect with your deeper authentic and beautiful self, to step into the depths of your being, to fulfil your potential, to live the life you have always dreamed.  

For this I feel truly grateful.