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Kay Capaldi ~ Freedom From Within

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  1. Cancellation of therapeutic sessions without the courtesy of 24 hours notice will be charged in full.
  2. Cancellation of workshops without the courtesy of 72 hours notice will be charged in full.
  3. All workshop bookings require payment of a deposit to secure your place.
  4. Deposits are non refundable, non transferable and places booked cannot be transferred to others.
  5. Any remaining balance due for any workshop is payable on the first day of the event unless otherwise stated.
  6. Early bird bookings, which carry a discount, are non refundable and non transferable.
  7. We retain the right to cancel any therapeutic session or event at anytime.  If you paid a deposit or a workshop fee, this will be refunded to you however, we are not liable for any other expenses or losses you may incur as a result of the cancellation.
  8. Please arrive 10 mins before the session starts and to make sure you relax, please turn your mobile phone off.
  9. Any child under the age of 16 should have the consent of their parent/guardian.
  10. There is no widely accepted scientific proof of alternative or complementary therapies.  None of the therapeutic sessions or workshops offered have been proven to be able to diagnose or cure illnesses and they have no known side effects.  
  11. You are responsible for your own conduct and processes at all times and you participate in all therapeutic sessions and workshops at your own risk.
  12. We do not allow you to attend workshops or treatments under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.  It is also inadvisable to use these substances following a therapeutic session or workshop.