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The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire.  Your essence is gold hidden in dust.  To reveal its splendor, you need to burn in the fire of Love. ~ Rumi

The Ultimate Team Building & Motivational Experience

Challenging Limits      Improving Focus      Igniting Passion

Uniting Teams      Accelerating Growth      Motivating Change


This is an invitation to experience for yourself one of the most powerful and transformational events available today.  Firewalking is one of the oldest transformational tools the world has ever known.  For thousands of years humanity has been using the fire as a rite of purification, healing and transcendence.  Around the globe people rely on their spiritual kinship with this dynamic element to bring them closer to their true nature, and through touching the fire of their spirit, feel renewed and healed.  

Our firewalking seminar will ignite passion like nothing you have ever experienced!  Individuals experience a huge mind-shift when they realise that they can make fear their servant rather than their master.  People start to examine what other limiting beliefs they may be carrying which could be holding them back from achieving their full potential and goals in life.

We have found that firewalking is a powerful motivator for individuals and teams.  After all, if you can walk barefoot over 1200° red hot coals, what else can you achieve?


“In each walk again and again I have witnessed the remarkably powerful effect the firewalk has in groups and individuals…firewalking teaches us to generate enthusiasm and the energy needed to deal with seemingly insurmountable obstacles”.

~ Peggy Dylan, Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education and The International Firewalking School.


I've put off writing this article on the purifying aspects of fire because my eyes itch and run, as does my nose. I'm coughing and sneezing, my chest hurts and my brain seems to be so pre-occupied with these body sensations that coherent thinking is an almost impossible task. I've spent a good deal of time over the last two weeks…

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“More positive energy within me than I thought!  Mind, spirit and all thoughts combined to power over the coals and snap the arrow!  Thank you very much Kay.” ~ Christie.

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Healing With Spiritual Light Ceremony & Firewalk ~ Sat 22nd Nov ‘14 ~ At this time of deep connection with the earth, the ancestors and the transformation that fire brings…

Winter Solstice Firewalk ~ Sun 21st Dec ‘14 ~ Celebrating the longest night of the year and a turning point, embracing returning of the light and the deepest reaches of darkness…                                               
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Firewalking is potentially dangerous.  Never attempt firewalking without the support and guidance of a Sundoor Certified Firewalk Instructor.  Sundoor’s International Firewalking School is the foremost training ground for firewalking and offers the most comprehensive Firewalk Instructor Certification course available.

We run regular public firewalks throughout the year, however, we would be happy to arrange a private firewalk for your group or organisation.  Firewalking is an excellent way of raising funds for charitable organisations and can be utilised as a sponsorship event.