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Usui Reiki Level I Training & Attunement ~ Sat 11th Oct ‘14 in Bothwell, 9.30am to 5pm.

Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing therapy which promotes and accelerates the body’s own healing abilities. It is a gentle and natural treatment which helps to harmonise and balance the natural flow of vital energy (ki) within the body.  Taught over one day with follow up support, this workshop is based around the attunement process which greatly increases the energy flow through your system by opening you up to the Reiki energy.  Once this pathway is established you are able to channel Reiki for the rest of your life using the energy for growth, self development and healing for yourself, your family and your friends.  

The Usui Reiki Level I course covers the following:

•   Meditation and attunement,

•   The history of Reiki,

•   The effects, uses and contraindications to Reiki,

•   Ways of using Reiki energy,

•   The Reiki Principles,

•   The effects of attunement and cleansing period,

•   Self practise and working on others,

•   Keeping your energy's clear,

•   The Usui hand positions.

Held in Bothwell, the cost for training & attunement, including course manual and certificate is £110.


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