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Usui Reiki Master / Teacher Training & Attunement ~ on request

This is an invitation to those attuned to Reiki Level II to take the next step by developing your commitment to the practise of Reiki by undertaking the Master/Teacher training. The Master/Teacher level will significantly increase your personal energy as well as enabling you to initiate others into Usui Reiki.

The highlights of the Reiki Master & Teacher course include;

•   How to give Reiki Attunements (inc. Healing Attunements / Reiju)

•   How to teach all three levels of the Usui Reiki system

•   The initiation into the Reiki Master symbols

•   Connecting with your Higher Self / Spirit Guides

•   Advanced Reiki techniques including:

•   Clearing the energy of spaces

•   Setting up a Reiki energy grid

•   Scanning the human aura

•   Reiki "psychic surgery" for moving blocked energy

•   Cleansing, programming & dedicating crystals with Reiki

This training begins with this initial two day workshop. Follow up dates will be arranged for ongoing support and to monitor your progress as you develop your skills as a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. You will also be invited to support at future Usui Reiki training courses to assist with your development.

This training course is a wonderful opportunity for you to deepen your own personal healing and to greatly enhance your ability to help others.  Becoming a Reiki Master will boost your competence and confidence in working with the Reiki energy. You will learn essential skills that you can teach others, helping you to bridge the gap between your work life and spiritual life. The advanced techniques provide powerful tools to clear physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks to abundance, health and harmony.

The cost of training, attunement and development including course manual and certificate is £400.


All of our workshops and events have limited places available.  Prior booking is essential and a deposit may be required to secure your place.  

Please confirm your attendance by emailing here or alternatively call or text 07812 831360.  Please ensure you include your full name, telephone number and email address when booking.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions before booking.