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Seiki Soho literally means treatment of Universal Life Energy.

'Sei' means space and harmony, 'Ki' is life energy and movement. Seiki (a development of Shiatsu) is a minimalist zen-like form of body work developed by the Japanese Shiatsu Master Akinobu Kishi Sensei (1949 – 2012). 

It is about finding your own way, cultivating your own spirit, looking for something inside of yourself. A simple yet profound practise, which can help facilitate and deepen your connection to self, fulfilling your innate potential. Seiki can be utilised as a gateway to realising the expression of your originality, your whole self. 

Fundamentally, Seiki treats the breath. By following the movement of the breath, the body rediscovers its space, its originality. It is the simplest and purest form of healing I have ever experienced. But modern life often disregards simplicity. The body's innate willingness to seek balance and harmony often remains obscured by everyday pressures that manifest themselves into physical and emotional problems – distortions of life energy (breath). Seiki unravels this trend. It provides the space for encouraging inner awareness and sensitivity, recognition that the body always expresses what it needs, essential for making connections and noticing the undetected – an absolute necessity for clearing stagnant energy and releasing habitual patterns.

Dependent on intuition and feeling, it is a way of ‘doing by not doing’, the art of waiting, or as the founder himself puts it: “my technique is no technique”. Seiki works to recover health by supporting the self-correcting capacity of the organism (osmosis) to return it to a state of balance. 

The long term benefits of Seiki may include:
~ deeper connection with one’s true self
~ readiness to respond to life, rather than resist or hide from it
~ ability to be more spontaneous, more free to be and act
~ willingness and eagerness to take care of oneself

Two important aspects of Seiki are Katsugen and Gyoki. Katsugen is the name given to spontaneous movement – natural movements of the body that can occur during treatments. Adjustments within the body, eliminating and cleaning; whether it's emotional or physical, internal or visible, Katsugen is purification. It is the body's way of shifting stagnant energy and realigning its internal energy centres.

Gyoki is a form of moving meditation that can help develop the ability of feeling Ki (life energy). Gyoki is 'breathing by hand', the foundation of Seiki Soho. Focusing on the space between the hands is a simple method of relaxation and mind clearing. By feeling the movement between the hands (without thought or intention), body and mind become quieter, more relaxed and increasingly sensitive; helping to prepare for Seiki Soho and Katsugen. 

I am offering one to one experiential sessions providing you with the opportunity to experience Seiki healing and to explore the practises of Gyoki (moving meditation or 'feeling for Ki', a conscious exploration of vital energy fields, developing sensitivity for and moving with Ki, breath, the life-force) and Katsugen (purification through spontaneous movement).

Sessions are carried out in full clothing, on a futon at floor level. The practitioner intuitively follows what is observed in the client's body, resulting in a free form treatment.  Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Sessions cost £45 per hour.


Who looks outside, dreams;
who looks inside, awakes ~
Carl Gustav Jung


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