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“More positive energy within me than I thought!  Mind, spirit and all thoughts combined to power over the coals and snap the arrow!  Thank you very much Kay.” ~ Christie.

“Had an amazing time tonight.  Found something I didn’t know was lost.  Thank you so much.” ~ Dawn.

“Thank you for creating a wonderfully positive space and a truly inspiring experience that will not be forgotten.” ~ Leanne.

“Joy and happiness! Had so much fun. It’s helped me to decide to embrace the future with courage. PU-MA!!!!” ~ Fiona.

“I feel as if I have been on a great journey.  Thank you for taking us through it.” ~ Shirley.

“The most fantastic group of people, sending positive energy out to all. Enlightened and empowered!”  ~ Yvonne.

“Fantastic evening.  Got a lot more out of this than I expected.  Things just came to my mind without thinking and I’m more focused on what I want in my life and what’s stopping me ~ no longer!  New beginnings!”  ~ Robert.

“As amazing as I hoped it would be.  Thank you for giving me the space to be in silence with regards the sharing of negative thoughts and future aspirations.  There is also great power in inner silence.  I feel light and free.  Om Shanti.” ~ Lindsay.

“Just to express profound gratitude for making this experience possible for each of us.  What energy!!  I will be eternally grateful!  Much love and peace to you.”  ~ Helen.

“Very powerful! Lots of energy, lots of laughs. Feel the fear but do it anyway!” ~ Brian.

“Empowering and releasing.  A beautiful experience, even more than I’d hoped for.  Woo hoo!!!.” ~ Mo.

“I manage a Manufacturing Company which employs around 300 people and I have five Department Heads who report to me directly.  As a team, we make time to have regular off-site events where we can reflect and identify strategic or tactical improvements either in teamwork or in operational performance.

The next twelve months will bring very significant challenges to the Management Team and, on a personal level, to each individual within that team.  I wanted to find something that focused on the team primarily as individuals and what they needed to remain balanced as we go through a project that will demand a high level of performance in very stressful circumstances.

I wanted the event to be something which went beyond “team working”, and started talking to ‘Kay Capaldi ~ Freedom From Within’ to build a two day bespoke programme which would meet our needs.  I had worked with Kay in the past, when she worked in Corporate Finance, and found that her business understanding allied to her subsequent work in healing and personal development meant that she really understood what we were looking for.

The two day event ran in April 2008 and was centred around the Firewalk.  The Event Management and Content was superb with the Facilitators running a number of very powerful workshops prior to the Firewalk itself and workshops and therapies the following day.

Speaking with my team after the event, every one of them felt that the event was unlike any traditional team building event that they had previously attended.  It had given them the unique experience of participating in a Firewalk but more importantly, gave them an opportunity to link that event with the individual challenges they will face together over the coming year and a much better understanding of the teams strength and support.

Personally I found the event very profound, the Firewalk is a unique event in its own right and I feel privileged to have experienced it in a context that I know will help me both personally and professionally in the coming months.” ~ Hugh McGhee, Plant Manager, NMHG       

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